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The Intrepid [Bioactive] [C]

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The intrepid was an experiment

We wanted to explore how much detail we could create inside a limited space. We used a combination of Driftwood, Mopani wood, Spiderwood as well as species of Ficus, Callisia, Pilea and Soleirolia and several mosses.

The resulting intrepid is a truly self-sustaining ecosystem, with the wood providing ample feeding ground for the colony of springtails inside to maintain themselves and help promote new plant growth in the process.

This terrarium is closed, so little maintenance should be required. Though, we always provide care instructions so you can be sure.

This terrarium is bioactive, meaning a colony of microfauna has been added to support the wellness of the environment over time. For this design, I have used springtails - tiny, rarely visible white bugs.

As this terrarium contains wood, pockets of mould are likely to form. But, fear not, the springtails shall take care of these growths and return nutrients to the substrate


  • H25cm x D22xm

Please Note:

  • Our terrariums come with personalised care instructions, so you know exactly how to keep the ecosystem healthy.
  • Although our terrariums are always put through at least a two-week incubation period to ensure plants/mosses are settled and acclimatised, plants + positioning may alter slightly from photos at the time of receipt, but don't worry - we always make sure they look intricate and natural.
  • If any of the plants die within 3 weeks of purchase, we will send you replacement plants in the post for free (Which may not be the exact same as the originals) providing all instructions have been followed.

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