Preserved Moss Art: Best Practices and Tips

Preserved moss wall care and maintenance

This is complete, comprehensive guide to caring for our preserved Moss Art products.

This advice is relating but not limited to:

1 | What is ‘Moss Art’?

Each of our handmade moss art pieces uses organic and real moss that has been chemically stabilised or ‘preserved’.

Desktop terrarium: Zero maintenance, colorful geometric glassware design.

This stabilisation procedure replaces the water content with a preservative, which freezes the moss over time, retaining its texture and shape.

The moss usually has a light, non-toxic dye to encourage vibrancy and deliver a pop of colour signature to our designs.

2 | Care

We consider our moss-art pieces ‘zero-maintenance’ as they do not require any physical upkeep, as opposed to a living terrarium.

You are guaranteed years and decades of consistent vibrancy.

However, there are a handful of do’s and don’t’s, which we will detail below:

2.1 | Light

Preserved moss is best kept in indirect light conditions.

Too much sun directly sunlight can weaken the colour of the moss over longer periods of time.

So we recommend keeping your moss art pieces in the same conditions you would any terrarium: bright but indirect.

Preserved Moss Box terrarium: Colorful geometric glass design.

2.2 | Water

As our moss art pieces have been preserved, they do not require watering whatsoever.

No water should be applied to your moss art pieces as the colour can be caused to run and the consistency of the moss may be altered.

2.3 | Humidity (moisture marks)

Moss art pieces are able to tolerate low-medium humidity environments, and occasionally even high levels of humidity.

However, we recommend keeping your piece out of direct contact with water or particularly high levels of humidity.

Higher levels of water can damage the moss and also bring more condensation onto the glass.

If you see moisture marks appearing on the glassware or around the moss – take a cue-tip or some kitchen paper and very gently press against these areas.

2.4 | Dusting

Naturally, some dust may settle onto your moss art piece.

We recommend using a light, non-stiff paintbrush to gentle stir and sweep off any top-level dust. 

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2.5 | Glass maintenance

You may need to wipe down your glassware occasionally with a microfibre cloth.

We recommend using an isopropyl alcohol solution for the best results.

Though, do avoid applying the spray directly to your moss art. Instead, spray a small amount of liquid onto the cloth and then wipe down your glassware.

3 | FAQs

Is the moss you use artificial?

No – we use real, organic moss that has been preserved.

Is the moss alive?

No – the moss used is real but preserved meaning it is no longer alive.

Is it really zero-maintenance?

Effectively, yes. So long as you keep your moss art pieces out of direct sunlight and contact with water.

How long can it last?

Indefinitely. If the care recommendations are followed, the moss should not lose lustre for years or decades.

Do the moss art products smell?

Occasionally, the moss has a faint, earthy smell. But generally, no – the moss is odourless.

Is this cork bark real?

Yes, we use real, dried cork bark.

Is there mould on my cork bark?

You are most likely looking at lichen! However, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Is the Prism supposed to be open?

Yes, the Prism features an open pane of glass. This does not affect the care requirements.

Can I put bugs inside my moss art?

We would not recommend putting any bugs inside your moss art piece.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

 - Joe

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