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Joe Rees

Creating a terrarium is a way of celebrating and encapsulating the beautiful variety this earth has to offer. The times in which we live make it ever more important to understand, appreciate, and cherish the natural world, and it’s my goal to make terrariums more accessible.

Nurturing plants
can be so beneficial for our wellbeing,
 allowing us to connect with the natural world.  Terrariums can capture an entire ecosystem and bring pleasure to everyone’s life regardless of where
we live.

If you need assistance with anything on this website or with your own terrarium - I’m always here to help.

Joe Rees, Founder

Moss Bowl Square
Moss Bowl Square
Moss Bowl Square
Moss Bowl Square
Moss Bowl Square

Moss Bowl Square

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Handmade, beautiful and zero-maintenance.

All of the above describe our new moss bowl collection.

Each moss bowl is made unique and to order, featuring a fluffy mount of preserved mosses atop a cement square bowl - with spiderwood gently gnarling between the verdant mounds.

The moss used is preserved, meaning its water content has been replaced with glycerine to retain its texture and colour forever.

Perfect for coffee tables, kitchen islands, worktops or centrepieces. We'll be honest, they're kind of perfect for anywhere.


• H7cm (Exlcuding moss) x D12.5cm

Please Note:

Do not water or mist the moss bowl. They are preserved and require no maintenance whatsoever.
• Do not allow the moss to sit in strong, direct sunlight for too many hours in the day.
• Please be aware as this moss is dyed to retain colour, it can leave a green/yellowish stain on your fingers. So, do be careful! Though, the dye easily washes off.

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