Large Prism terrarium ready made Gift-ready terrarium kit: Includes live moss and sleek glass container, with tropical plants.
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What Is a Terrarium?

1 | Terrariums are a meld of art, nature and science.

2 | They are closed, self-sustaining ecosystems made using a system of layers.

3 | Water, oxygen, CO2 and nutrients are all cycled, creating a low-maintenance environment.

Elevate your décor with our classic terrarium kit, featuring a variety of vibrant plants.

Ready assembled


Handmade, low-maintenance tropical ecosystems.

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Create a botanical wonderland with our spacious terrarium kit, perfect for young adults.

Make Your own

Kits and Supplies

Plants, moss, tools and more; Everything you need to make your own terrariums.

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Large decorative moss frames. Zero maintenance and handmade in the UK

zero maintenance

Moss Art

Unique, handmade and forever-fresh works of art.

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Hanging jellyfish airplant decoration made with live tillandsia and invisible string


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Hi there, I'm Joe!

Creating a terrarium is a way of celebrating and encapsulating the beautiful variety this earth has to offer.

The times in which we live make it ever more important to understand, appreciate, and cherish the natural world.

I started ome with the intention to make terrariums more accessible - and bring nature into everyone's home.

So, if you need any help - just let me know.

Terrarium Workshops

In our terrarium workshops, you will learn the fundamentals of terrarium craft, and take home your very own self-sustaining ecosystem.