Frequently Asked Questions

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Our terrarium kits, preserved terrariums and various miniature terrariums can all be shipped.

Larger terrariums are often too fragile for shipping - and so will be marked as collection only [C].

Visit for more information on how to take care of your terrarium.

If you have purchased a terrarium or terrarium kit, care instructions should have been provided.

General Care:

1) Keep in an area with bright yet indirect light

2) Mist gently with distilled water only if moss/soil is drying

3) If overwatered, leave the lid off for 1-2 days.

4) If overgrown, carefully prune the plants just above the last node. Repropagate your cuttings.

5) Keep away from areas of extreme temperature.

Yes! Just send us an email at with your idea and we can see if something can be figured out.

So long as you carefully follow our instructions your terrarium should remain healthy. However, plants do naturally decay / die and they may shed leaves so that they may grow anew.

If any plants or moss in your terrarium die within 3 weeks of purchase we will send you replacement plants for free providing you have carefully followed our care instructions.

Various species of insect such as springtails, isopods and millipedes are suited to the terrarium environment.

However, please consult us or a specialist before you consider putting any living creatures inside your ecosystem - and we can advise.

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