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Simply, it's an enclosed ecosystem. A series of layers below organic materials create a replica of our very own environment. CO2, Oxygen, nutrients and water are all exchanged to promote growth - resulting in a gorgeous, low-maintenance piece of living artwork.

We sell terrarium kits that have everything you need to make your own terrarium.

We've also written a handy beginner's guide that can get you started.

We certainly do! We make ready made terrariums, kits, preserved terrariums, you name it - we probably do it.

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Well, a live terrarium includes living elements that function together to form a sealed, self-sustaining environment. Preserved terrariums or our moss art use moss that were once alive and have since had its water content replaced with a preservative that keeps it fresh forever. Preserved terrariums are no longer technically alive.

Your Order

If your order contains any live elements, please take them out of the box as soon as you receive them. If they are cuttings, please plant them or place them into their propagation station immediately.

First of all, we're so sorry to hear that.

Dealing with live plants, a lot of glassware and handmade products can occasionally lead to some problems in the shipping process.

If you have received a damaged or incomplete order, please get in touch with us ASAP.

Please make sure to attach pictures of the damage, and also quote your order number so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Did you select tracked shipping at checkout? If so, there should be a tracking number in your emails. If you selected tracking and did not receive a code, let us know and we'll provide it ASAP.

If you're from the UK and selected standard delivery, your order may take up to 5 business days to arrive.

If over a week has elapsed after your order has been dispatched, and you're in the UK, please get in touch and we can look into the issue for you.

If you've ordered from outside of the UK, your order may take longer. It's not unusual for an order to take upwards of 4 weeks to arrive. If you have selected tracked shipping, you will be able to keep up to date with your order's location. If for some reason you don't have a code, get in touch and we can provide it.

Terrarium Care

Read our beginner's guide for more information on how to take care of your terrarium.

If you have purchased a terrarium or terrarium kit, care instructions should have been provided.

General Care:

1) Keep in an area with bright yet indirect light

2) Mist gently with distilled water only if moss/soil is drying

3) If overwatered, leave the lid off for 1-2 days.

4) If overgrown, carefully prune the plants just above the last node. Repropagate your cuttings.

5) Keep away from areas of extreme temperature.

So long as you carefully follow our instructions your terrarium should remain healthy. However, plants do naturally decay/die and they may shed leaves so that they may grow anew.
If any plants or moss in your terrarium die within 3 weeks of purchase we will send you replacement plants for free providing you have carefully followed our care instructions.

Terrariums don't really have a lifetime. They can go on indefinitely. There's a famous case of a man called David Latimer. He kept a terrarium alive in his attic untouched for over 50 years!

Various species of insect such as springtails, isopods and millipedes are suited to the terrarium environment.

However, please consult us or a specialist before you consider putting any living creatures inside your ecosystem - and we can advise.

About 6-12 hours of medium-low light will suffice. I'd recommend bright, indirect sunlight or bright white LEDs.

Only when it needs it. Find more information here

I know; they're super annoying. But, don't worry. The first point I'll make is that their population will eventually decline. If you want to get rid of them ASAP, take a yellow sticky pad and replace your lid for a day. You can also get smush-happy with a paintbrush.

Condensation forms as a result of the water cycle. But, if the glass is especially misty, it might mean that the glass is on the cheaper side. Our handmade, recycled glasswaredoesn't get misty like this.

I've got you covered – check out this article.


Our terrarium kits, preserved terrariums and various miniature terrariums can all be shipped.

Larger terrariums are often too fragile for shipping - and so will be marked as collection only.

You will be able to see on the description of an item whether it is available for shipping or not, and whether it comes ready made or as a kit.

We cannot ship any live items outside of the UK.

Our preserved terrariums and moss art can all be shipped internationally.

We can't guarantee that we will always ship your order the day after it has been placed, though we will always strive to.

Some items are made to order, and so could take a little longer for us to prepare and ship.

Much of what we sell is handmade (by us!) so please be patient with if some things take a little longer - we're just making sure your order is given proper care!

If you require expedited shipping, please select the highest level of shipping available, and consider getting in touch with us first so we can discuss whether or not your order can be expedited further.

International shipments may incur additional import taxes or duties. In the event that import duties or taxes are requested, the customer will be responsible for these fees.