About Us

The Who

Hi! We're Joe and Heather, and we are the owners of ome - and we love terrariums.

Heck, everyone loves terrariums.

Who doesn't? We don't want to know.

The Why

ome was born from a desire to connect people more deeply with nature. We had a vision to bring the natural world as it really is, inside the home.

We wanted people to enjoy something exciting, beautiful, and low-maintenance.

So, we began building terrariums.

Self-sustaining ecosystem terrarium buy
The How, Where and When

ome started in 2020, during the pandemic. It began humbly, as many businesses do - on a bedroom floor.

We started selling our terrariums to colleagues, friends and neighbours before opening our Etsy shop, where we begun selling terrariums, supplies, and moss art all over the world.

After opening our website, we moved into a dingy workshop (and then another, equally dingy workshop). We made, we sold, we grew, and then moved into our very own shop space in Bristol.

The What

We began by making terrariums, plain and simple.

But, what we realised is there are two types of people: some want to get their hands on our creations, while others want to make their own.

That's why we now offer everything one needs to make their own terrarium, from the glassware to the plants, the soil to the tools.

And, on our mission to satisfy the innate craving for low-maintenance natural splendour, we have created our own line of zero-maintenance preserved terrariums. These beauties stay fresh forever, with literally no upkeep.

And...honestly we like to do a bit of everything. We like variety. That's why we also write high quality articles , run specialist workshops, attend markets, publish online courses, develop books and post on social media to over 500,000 combined followers.

The Future

Just like our terrariums, we'll continue to grow and evolve into something ever more beautiful.