Terrarium Mister Maintenance: Troubleshooting Guide

Plant and moss mister

This is complete, comprehensive guide to maintaining your mister.

1 | What Is the Mister Used For, and Why Use It??

We recommend using your mister to hydrate and maintain the humidity of your living terrariums.

They can also be used for hydrating mosses, air plants, and other houseplants that require higher levels of ambient humidity – such as ferns.

You should use a mister for terrariums rather than pouring water. This is because it is very easy to underestimate how much water you’re pouring in, and difficult to achieve even coverage.

Misters manage the quantity of water distributed into a terrarium, and can easily achieve even hydration. 

2 | Care

Our misters should only be filled with water.

Any other liquids may cause blockages and damage to the spray/pump system.

Ideally, we recommend using distilled water to maintain the best health of your terrariums.

Occasionally the mister may slow down or block entirely. It will likely need to be flushed, the instructions for which are as follows:

2.1 | Flushing your mister

  1. Open the bottle. 
    Mister for terrariums
  2. Pull the straw out - the same side of the straw needs to be re-inserted after cleaning. 
    Plant mister for hydrating houseplants
  3. Thoroughly flush out the straw under the tap. 
    How to clean flairosol mister
  4. Thoroughly wash the trigger area and top section. 
    How to fix flairosol mister spray
  5. Keep pressing the water trigger until the remaining water is released - this helps unstick the trigger. 
    Fixing broken flairosol bottle
  6. Clean the water bottle compartment out and add fresh water. 
    Cleaning the flairosol spray bottle
  7. Re-insert the same end of the straw and push it in securely. 
    Plant mister for houseplants
  8. Re-attach the bottle with the top section. 
    Shop for moss misters in the UK
  9. Re-test the trigger - pulling the trigger firmly and all the way back (At least 20 times).

4 | FAQs

What are the advantages of an ‘ome’ mister?

Our misters allow for a fine, continuous stream of water.

This ensures an even hydration throughout your terrarium, rather than the squirty, spot-watering of a glass or pump mister.

They are also usable in 360 degrees, allowing you to access harder-to-reach areas in your terrarium, and the underside of leaves.

Visually, our misters are slim, sleek, and modern. They fit in well with any home aesthetic.

Do I need to clean my mister regularly, even if it isn’t broken?

We recommend washing your misters thoroughly every month or so to avoid any unpleasant smells building up over time.

I can’t get a continual spray, what am I doing wrong?

There’s a bit of a knack, but, keep practising!

You want to first give the bottle a little shake. Then, gently pull on the trigger in a continuous motion without letting the trigger come all the way back.

This should produce a fine, continuous spray.

Do I have to use distilled water?

We highly recommend using distilled, rain or reverse osmosis water.

Tap water can be harmful to plants or moss due to the increased quantity of particulates. It is also more likely to block your mister, over time.


If you have any questions regarding your mister, please get in touch with us by sending an email to: contact@ome.design

- Joe

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