With Canopy, you're covered
Your Warranty

Some of our live products come with an unlimited warranty. If you have received a canopy card, you'll have protection on any live terrariums you've purchased over the value of £30.

What does canopy cover?

If you're terrarium suffers some loss of plants, excessive mould development, or requires pruning - you can bring it into the shop and we can take a look for you and replace/prune any elements that need it, free of charge.

We can also provide further care advice, and top up your springtail colony if needs be.

We are happy to assist with other general maintenance such as watering, or rearranging elements inside the terrarium.

What doesn't canopy cover?

Canopy does not enable the customer to return the item for a refund at any point. Our usual refund/return policies are always in place.

We cannot assist in the instance that your glassware has been damaged or destroyed.

Canopy does not cover instances in which the terrarium has been knocked over so that the contents have caved in on themselves or exited the terrarium.

How do I use my canopy card?

Simply bring the affected terrarium into our shop and present the card along with your receipt and we'll be able to help right away.

I have another question...

Got something you'd like to ask? No problem! Send us a message here.