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No Peat or sphagnum moss has been used in our substrate mix, so you can be assured it’s environmentally friendly.

This substrate mix is a hand-blended combination of coco coir, orchid bark and worm castings.

Our signature blend combines the five most vital components of a healthy soil mix:

  • Drainage: prevents root rot
  • Water retention: ensures appropriately hydrated plants, stimulates transpiration
  • Aeration: oxygenates your root system
  • Nutrition: healthier foliage and steady growth
  • High cation exchange: strong capacity to store and deliver nutrients

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So, What Does What?

Each layer serves a purpose.

Leca, sand and gravel can function as drainage elements and top-level decoration.

Activated charcoal absorbs harmful toxins and chemicals that may find their way into your ecosystem.

And finally, substrates provide nutrition, nutrient delivery, water retention and aeration - to make your ecosystem whole.

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