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Terrarium Substrate Kit

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For your convenience, we've put together an assorted layering substrate kit pack that combines all the essential elements you need to get started on your own terrarium.

We also included a handy instruction booklet so you know exactly what to do!

Kit Pack Includes:

  • LECA 
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Terrarium Substrate Mix
  • Live Plants
  • Live Moss
  • Decorative Stone
  • Instructions


  1. Leca is an excellent drainage component; lightweight, water-retentive and durable over time.
  2. Activated charcoal has an incredibly high surface area giving it the ability to absorb harmful chemicals and minerals.
  3. Our hand-blended terrarium substrate mix combines coco coir, worm castings and orchid bark into one harmonious, nutritious blend that promotes the health and longevity that your plants need.

The kit pack also includes decorative elements to suit the above size guides.

  1. Plants give life, colour, oxygen and CO2 to your ecosystem.
  2. Decorative stone allows you to create a dynamic and detailed hardscape.
  3. Live Moss gives you gorgeous, verdant green ground cover.

Kit Size Guide:

  • Small (2L Jar): 300ml Leca, 60ml Charcoal, 600ml Terrarium Soil, Stone, Moss, 2 plants]
  • Medium (4L Jar): 600ml Leca, 120ml Charcoal, 1000ml Terrarium Soil, Stone, Moss, 3 Plants
  • Large(10L Jar): 900ml Leca, 150ml Charcoal, 1800ml Terrarium Soil, Stone, Moss, 5 Plants

Make sure to keep your terrarium somewhere that gets bright, indirect

Keep away from anywhere that might experience fluctuating
temperatures, like on top of a windowsill or beside a radiator.

If the terrarium has no condensation, droopy leaves, light-coloured/dry
soil, and crispy moss – it may need gentle watering.

Use distilled or rainwater
from a mister to achieve an even, light distribution of water.

After months or years, you may need to prune excess growth
inside the terrarium.

Read our full terrarium kit instructions.

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