DIY light-up terrarium kit featuring LED lid, perfect for indoor plant enthusiasts, showcasing vibrant greenery in a self-sustaining ecosystem.
All-in-one living terrarium kit with LED lighting, ideal for home decor or educational projects, displaying a variety of small plants under a glowing lid
Compact LED light-up terrarium kit, including soil, plants, and decorative stones, enhancing any office or home space with a touch of nature.
Innovative indoor gardening with the light-up terrarium kit, offering a lit LED top for lush plant growth, suitable for beginners and plant lovers.
Eco-friendly DIY terrarium kit with LED illumination, showcasing miniature tropical plants in a stylish glass container, perfect for urban homes.
Create your miniature garden with this LED terrarium kit, complete with all necessary materials for a thriving indoor terrarium, illuminated for evening display.
Sustainable home decor and gift idea: a light-up terrarium kit that brings low-maintenance gardening into your living space with vibrant LED lighting.
Hands-on green living with a self-contained light-up terrarium kit, featuring an easy-to-use LED lid, ideal for creating a serene plant display.
Brighten your room with a unique LED light-up terrarium kit, a captivating blend of art and nature, featuring easy assembly and care.
Light-up LED terrarium kit available, perfect for crafting a personal green space or as a thoughtful gift, enhancing interiors with lively plant arrangements under radiant lighting.

Light-up Terrarium Kit

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Introducing: our limited edition light-up terrarium kit. This DIY set provides everything you need to create a luscious, tropical ecosystem. 

This terrarium kit comes equipped with a warm-coloured LED light attached in the lid. Light up your terrarium with the press of a button! 

We've selected an elegant piece of handmade, recycled glassware with a lid to seal the container. 

And don't worry; we've included instructions so you can follow the simple step-by-step process to set up your miniature world and care for it afterwards.


H20cm x W19cm


  • 1 x Glassware and LED, warm light-up lid
  • Batteries for LED-light
  • LECA
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Terrarium Soil
  • 3 x Plants (5-6cm Pots)
  • Live Moss
  • Dragon Stone
  • Instructions

Please Note:

  • You will need to unwrap the batteries from their plastic packaging before use. 
  • As the glassware is handmade, it may have some small bubbles or unevenness; please allow for small discrepancies.  
  • Please aim to unpack/build this terrarium kit as soon as possible. If it's a gift and you need to wait, unwrap and take care of the plants and moss separately until the kit is ready to be built. 

    Make sure to keep your terrarium somewhere that gets bright, indirect

    Keep away from anywhere that might experience fluctuating
    temperatures, like on top of a windowsill or beside a radiator.

    If the terrarium has no condensation, droopy leaves, light-coloured/dry
    soil, and crispy moss – it may need gentle watering.

    Use distilled or rainwater
    from a mister to achieve an even, light distribution of water.

    After months or years, you may need to prune excess growth
    inside the terrarium.

    Read our full terrarium kit instructions.

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