Bag of natural clay powder, ideal for creating sticky substrate in terrariums, promoting healthy root growth and moisture retention.
Premium terrarium clay powder displayed in a clear package, perfect for converting regular soil into a nutrient-rich, cohesive substrate.
Close-up of fine clay powder ready for mixing into terrarium soil, enhancing soil structure and stability for plant support."
Organic clay soil amendment in a rustic setting, specifically designed to improve terrarium environments for thriving plant ecosystems.
Versatile clay powder shown with terrarium tools, essential for DIY terrarium enthusiasts looking to optimize their soil mixture.
Eco-friendly terrarium clay amendment, loose and ready to mix, providing essential minerals and improved water retention for terrarium plants.
High-quality clay powder for terrariums, displayed with instructions for creating the perfect sticky substrate for exotic plants.
Pure and natural clay powder, an effective solution for enhancing terrarium soil texture, showcased in a minimalist, eco-conscious packaging.

Terrarium Clay Powder

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Our natural clay powder is an excellent additive to a typical terrarium substrate to turn it sticky, or into 'goo' that adheres well to the sides of terrarium containers. 

Use the bentonite clay powder in combination with worm castings and coco coir (1 part of each) or your own soil mixture to stick-ify your substrate and build more complex vertical designs. 


  • Perfect for building moss walls
  • Create large backgrounds for vivariums
  • Wrap around plants for precise planting onto walls
  • Natural and non-toxic to plants

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